The Watchmen is a designation name given to the members of the Justice Police who work at the Justice Watchtower doing monitor duty watching everything that is happening on Earth-50 and its surroundings. There are 15 Watchmen on duty at any given time usually under the direct supervision of a member of the Justice Lords.

Watchmen# is a designation for the Justice Police Officer that takes the post. Is not the actual name of the person.


  • Watchmen1 – Assigned as Team Leader and in charge of the Level A Observation Deck, Control Deck and Weapons Deck when no Justice Lord is present but he has no Justice Lord privileges.
  • Watchmen2 -
  • Watchmen3 -
  • Watchmen4 -
  • Watchmen5 -
  • Watchmen6 -
  • Watchmen7 -
  • Watchmen8 -
  • Watchmen9 -
  • Watchmen10 -
  • Watchmen11 -
  • Watchmen12 -
  • Watchmen13 – He has the special assigned as “Record Cleaner”. To review open cases and present them to the Justice Lords for their completion.
  • Watchmen14 -
  • Watchmen15 – Is always assigned to watch outer space and the Solar System using Brother Satellite Grid XV.


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