Supernatural Community

Supernatural Community
AKA Mystical Community, Magical Community, Supernatural Underworld, etc.

The Supernatural Community is one of the names that are given at a “catch all” to reffer to Sorceres, Witches, Elementalists, Wizards, Demons, Djinns, etc and all the other beings born-of or devoted-to magic. Been part of the same commuity doesn’t mean they are allies. The variety of magical creatures and practitioners of magic is overhelming.

Mostly this could be the myor categories of members of the Supernatural Community:

  • Magical Creatures like the creatures of the Land of Faeire.
  • Homo Magi or people who are born as magic capable humans. These include wizards, sorcerers, witches, druids, etc, etc, etc.
  • Magical & Mythological Monsters like dragons, minotaurs, etc.
  • Supermantural beings like ghosts, undead,
  • People with magical gadgets like magic swords, magic belts, etc.
  • Cursed People.
  • Occultists who can do magical rituals.

Magic in the DC Universe
Magic User Entry here in OP.

Use the Characters Tab using the SC filter to find the identified Supernatural Characters.

See Mana Factors
Some places that are known to be supernatural places:
Oblivion Bar
The Hidden City
Wintersgate Manor

1996: During the events of A Better World the Justice Lords killed or imprisoned many evil spellcasters and creatures.

1999: During the events of the Day of Judgment many of the good spellcasters and creatures were erased from existance by the Spectre. The mayority of the Community are in hidding avoiding contact with the “normals” of the world.

2010: During the events of Arcane Alliances the Justice Lords contacted different groups of supernatural people and visited locations on Earth and on other planes of existence. They also contacted powerful people.

Supernatural Community

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