Rocket Red Brigade

Rocket Red Brigade
Disturbed by the rapid increase of superheroes in the USA, the Soviet government decided they had to create their own super-powered agents. The alien Green Lantern Kilowog had shown interest in Communism (since it reminded him of the constitution of his home planet Bolovax Vik) and agreed to cooperate with the Soviet Doctor Krenshikov to create the powerful Rocket Red technology. The first Rocket Red, Josef Denisovich, became good friends with Kilowog. Later, Kilowog realized that the Soviets abused his inventions, and in an ensuing battle, he was tragically forced to kill Josef. There is only one Rocket Red left and is part of the Justice Reserve.

The Rocket Red Brigade was disabled by the Justice Lords in 1996-1997 when they tried to protect Russia from them.

Location: Russian Federation

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Rocket Red Brigade

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