New Warworld

New Warwold
Wealth and Resources: 28
A most powerful and versatile version of Warworld increasing its capacity by the Cyborg Superman’s and Brainiac’s technologies. Mongul still has the Crystal Key and without it the Warworld doesn’t work. The key is genetically attached to him.

Warworld [Dex: 6, Str: 40, Body: 43, AV:15, EV:18, Range: 11, Growth: 41, Flight: 40 (Hyperwarp), Force Field: 12, Hardened Defenses R#2]
Warworld sub-systems:

  • Computer [BODY: 18, INT: 15, WILL: 7, MIND: 12, Recall: 40, Superspeed: 11] Bonuses: Superspeed is used to solve mental checks only. *
  • Cloaking Technology [Body: 15, Illusion: 20]
  • Sensors [Body: 15, Directional Hearing: 15, Extended Hearing: 12, Full Vision: 12, Microscopic Vision: 15, Radar Sense: 40, Split: 4, Super Hearing: 40, Telescopic Vision: 13, Ultra Vision: 14]
  • Laser Cannon [Body:10 AV: 15, EV: 15, R#:3] Bonuses: The Warworld can fire up to eight cannons to the same target gaining the bonuses of a Team Attack combat maneuver or can attack eight different targets without the column shifts adjustments of a Multi-Attack combat maneuver.
  • Missile [Dex: 13, Body:10 AV: 8, EV: 14, Fligth:12, Radar Sense:20]
  • Main Tentacles(x8) [Dex: 18, Str: 18, Body: 18] Using Brainiac Spacecraft’s Extra Limbs. Each Tentacle is 3 APs long.
  • Normal Tentacles [Dex: 14, Str: 14, Body: 14] Using Cyborg-Superman’s Animate Power. Each Tentacle is 2 APs long.
  • Tractor Beam [Body: 15, Telekinesis: 15]
  • Teleporter [Body:15, Teleport: 15]
  • Internal Security [Body: 15, Energy Blast: 16, Heat Vision: 15, Mental Blast: 16, Mind Blast: 14, Thermal Vision: 14]
  • Auto Repair System [Body: 15, Regeneration: 11] Bonuses: Can repair a system check once per combat turn.
    Seats: 1 million. Ref: USER
    Army of Shock Troops Typical Alien Combat Robot III


Cyborg Superman and Brainiac have teamed up with Mongul and repaired the Warworld upgrading it to a New Warworld.

This is how the Systems are controlled:
Warworld’s computer is busted and he killed the last crewmembers and slaves who survived the battle during the Thanagarian Invasion. Brainac’s Computer is not enough to control all of Warwolrd, less now that Warlwolrd is bigger and more automatizided. Cyborg-Superman ability to control machines help to keep Warlworld going and Mongul’s has The Key who powers Warworld’s core system.
Each of the three boses (Mongul, Brainiac and Cyborg-Superman) have exactly a third of the control over the ship. They are not exactly allies, they are more like partners by convenience. All want Superman’s destruction, They will betray each other if they find a way to take over the other’s functions. If one of them is taken down his system are reduced to – 3CS. Because of this, the ship can do a number of actions equal to the actions of the three: 3 dice actions and 6 non-dice actions.

The Triunvirate of War are:

  • Brainiac (Control Station located on the north hemisphere of Warworld) – Auto Repair System, Brainiac Robot and Brainiac Robot Giant. Tentacles. Teleporter and Cloaking Technology.
  • Cyborg Superman (Control Station could be in any part of Warworld) – Tentacles, External Weapons and missiles.
  • Mongul (Control Station located on the center of Warworld) – Internal Defenses , Controls the Movement of Warworld, the Tractor Beam. Has The Key and is still using the Central Control Chair as his station.

Sensor’s information are used by the three of them. Weapons can be divided between them so that more attacks (dice actions) are made by combat turn. Any of the Warlords can transfer control of one of his systems to another Warworld as a free action. If a Warlord leaves his control station, a Non-Dice action is needed by another Warlord to take control of one of his systems.

Genious’ Gadgetry:

  • Mongul – Gadgetry: 13, Genius.
  • Cyborg Superman – Gadgetry: 10, Scientist: 8, Genius.
  • Brainiac – Gadgetry: 9, Scientist: 8, Genius.
    Combining their Genius advantage they can do a team attack ( + 2 columns shift) to use the gadgetry skill to create weapons or defenses specifically for their enemies. They can also do separated checks to counteract specific attacks. Separated checks have no column shifts. The Three Warworlds have already built the following gadgets:
  • Neutralize: 50. Bonuses & Limitations: The Device only works to neutralize the Warp Power. ( During the events on How to scout a war world )

New Warworld

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