The Mystical Arts
Magic is everywhere and nowhere to be seen. is a part of the world of Earth-50 as is air and water and light and darkness. There are many magic powered characters (heroes and villains), magic artifacts and magic sites. Manual #255 Magic has a good set of rules, character, locations and a detail look at magic in the DC Universe. The users of magic are born, see Supernatural Community.

As described on the Magic Sourcebook, Magical Advantages and Drawbacks .

This link has a complete list of Mystic Powers (Player Handbook p.65). Remember to look unto the skills of Occultism on Skills (Player Handbook p.74).

There are different types of Mystical Gadgets, some give the wearer powers, others add to their own power capacity.

About Mystical Gadgets
Sample Magical Gadgets

Mana Factors
As described on the Magic manual (p.19) here are some places that are stronger in magical energies while others who drain magical energies. The mana factor represents a bonus of penalty on the Sorcery power of all the magicians or mystic linked powers in the area.

Artifact Identification:
(Magic p22)
RAPs Gadgetry
N No information gained.
1 RAP A rudimentary understanding of the Artifact.
½ RAP A near-total understanding of the Artifact and the ability to control all of its functions without penalty.
Full RV A complete understanding of the Artifact, including any Limitations or Drawbacks, as well as the ability to modify or repair it, if necessary. .

Ritual Magic
(Magic p.22)

Mystic Gestalt
(Magic p.28)

Magic as described in the DC Wikia


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