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Wealth and Resources: 25 (now disabled)
Originally organized as an aerospace engineering firm, LexCorp has become one of the world’s largest, most diversified multinational corporations. Under the astute – some would say, ruthless – management of its founder, Lex Luthor, LexCorp grew and prospered, absorbing scores of smaller businesses.

Lexcorp main facility was located on Metropolis. Lexcorp was disabled by the Justice Lords and their resources used to organize the new Justice Police and the new United Nations. The main Lexcorp Building was the site of the final battle against Brainiac during the events of Brainac Year 2000 Virus.

Lexcorp had a series of Metapower Projects that were confiscated by the Justice Lords after Lex Luthor’s dead and the United Nations confiscated all of Lex Luthor’s assets. It must be noted that part of the progress made by Cadmus Project on the Brother Satellite Grid was thanks to reverse engineering that Lexcorp personnel had made on Brainiac’s technology. Also the (unwillingly) contribution of Lexcorp to the Justice Police could be found on the Lexcorp Weapons and Armors files.

Physical Stats for the Facility
[Body: 10, Doors have Body of 13]

Security System (currently disabled)
[Body:5, Security Systems: 10, Energy Blast (non lethal): 6, Radio Communication: 20, R#2] Limitations: The device’s Radio Communication Power represents the range of the signal to alert the Police.

Special Ops: Team Luthor (disabled)

Computer (currently dismantled)
[Int: 6, Will: 6, Mind: 6, Body: 6, Recall: 13, Gadgetry: 6, Military Science: 6, Scientist: 6, R#2]

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