Kobra Cult Moon Base

Kobra Cult Moon Base
A secret facility located on the Moon of planet Earth-50 with a crew of Kobra Cultist Soldier.

Facility Stats [BODY: 16, Sealed Systems: 15, Security Systems: 12, R#: 2] Note: The Facility has 12 APs width by 5 APs of height and has a series of big rooms and serpentine corridors connecting different chambers under the surface. Drawbacks: The facility depends solely on the power of the villain Warp to move to and from the Moon to Earth-50.

Energy Generator [Force Field: 10, Sealed Systems: 15, Energy Reserve: 20]

Torpedo [Dex: 13, Body:10 AV: 8, EV: 14, Fligth:12, Radar Sense:20]

Computer [Int: 4, Will: 4, Mind: 4, Body: 4, Recall: 10, Detective: 4, Gadgetry: 4, Medicine: 4 Military Science: 4, Scientist: 4, R#2]

There is cache of nuclear warheads ( ICBM ) from different arsenals of the world: USA, Russia, China, France and North Korean.

Kobra Cult Moon Base

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