Justice Protocols

Justice Lords Protocols
The following are a set of security protocols used by the Justice Lords:

Basic Rights and Rules
The Justice Police and Justice Reserve have to follow the guidelines described on A Better World.

Justice Lords
All justice lords members have Full Access to the Justice Lords Equipment, Justice Watchtower, Justice Police resources and United Nations resources. They are screened and their identity verified daily by the Justice Police using high-tech devices. New Justice Lords have to added in pairs to maintain the number of Justice Lords odd. Justice Lords who retire or die have to be replaced. To add a new Justice Lord the voting has to be a majority, every Justice Lord should vote. Usually a new Justice Lord is voted in to add to the diversity of powers, knowledge and abilities. Also, a new Justice Lord has to be someone who has the same “vision” of Justice as the organization. The last members added to the Justice Lords were Lord Flash and Lord Green Arrow in 2004.

Justice Police
Members of the Justice Police that are assigned to the Justice Watchtower and any sensitive location are background checked by all security agencies and even mind scanned.

Justice Reserve
Justice Police can coordinate actions calling members of Justice Reserve that are in active duty.
The Justice Lords can call unto any member of the Justice Reserve they can temporarily upgrade their Justice League ID Card to full-member status but only one member of the Justice Reserve can be upgraded at a time by one member of the Justice Lords. As they are 9 Justice Lords, there can only be 9 Justice Reserve members upgraded at a single time. Any member of the Justice Lords at any time, can invalidate any command given by a Justice Reserve member. Justice Reserve can call backup from the Justice Police.

High Sensitive Locations
Justice Police assigned to a sensitive location can call on help on a Justice League Signal Device. The closer members of the Justice Lords and/or the Justice Reserve available should respond.

Vote Protocol
The Justice Lords should vote in all important matters. A majority is needed to classify someone as a villain and three votes to reclassify his Metahuman Treat Rating. Two votes are needed to concede a villain an amnesty and classify him down to D1 or D2.

Purge Protocol
The Justice Lords know that they are taking risks in secret projects ( like the ones conducted on Cadmus Project ) and have created a protocol that allows certain individuals in charge of critical and dangerous projects to destroy the project and all the data if there is danger that the project could be stolen or danger in the project itself. The protocol includes that the individual communicates the situation first to a Justice Lords but if communication is not possible, the person can take the decision. Any Justice Lords can cancel the Purge Protocol or initiate it. Two votes will reverse the decision made. Sample of people with these privileges are Carol Ferris in projects conducted on Ferris Aircraft and Thomas Oscar Morrow on all projects on Cadmus Project.

Justice Protocols

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