Justice Moontower

Justice Moontower
(Expansive Headquarters)
Justice League Base [Dex: 5, BODY: 15, Flight: 5, Force Shield: 8, Sealed Systems: 15, Solar Substance: 20, Security Systems: 11, R#: 2] Note: The Satellite has 5 APs width by 7 APs of height. Elevators have 4 APs of speed. Ref: JLSp.106.

This was the Kobra Cult Moon Base but now is the backup of the Justice Watchtower for the Justice Lords. A new teleporter is still in testing but the base has the gadgets built by The Brain to increase Warp’s powers and Warp is a permanent resident of the MoonTower

The idea is to replace the satellite if it’s destroyed. To do this a check using the APs of Earth-50’s Wealth and Resources found on the wiki entry Current World Statistics is made against a OV/RV of 35 (the wealth cost of the base). Positive RAPs means the base is ready to use and activated. No positive RAPs means that someone has to go to the base and activate it with a Gadgetry check that has OV/RV of 15.

Basically the same equipment are available to the Justice Lords on the Moon base. Trophies in the Level E Vault, Master and Central Control Room and vehicles in the The Outer Ring Hangar have to be moved from the Justice Watchtower to the Justice Moontower.

Once activated the members were be able to teleport to and from the moon base using teleportation centers located across the planet. Justice Lords members took turns on watch duty, monitoring Earth-50 from the satellite and dispatching the Justice Lords or Justice Reserve as needed. The Justice Watchtower has a crew of civilians members of the Justice Police who are in charge of 15 sets of monitors who control the Brother Satellite Grid, monitor communications, coordinate police and military efforts and even scan the media for signs of crime. The monitors are called Watchers and the officers in duty are called Watchmen.

Main areas are:

Sub-divisions include:

  • Research Lab
  • Medical Lab
  • Martian Jumpshuttle hangar
  • Lounge
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Area

Other areas include:

  • Engineering control
  • Trophy Room
  • Villain Gallery
  • Games/Recreation/Simulators
  • Gymnasium/Saunas
  • Pool(connected to deep water tank)
  • Park
  • Private teleporters
  • Air control
  • Tunnels to shuttle bay
  • Stairs to lower levels

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Justice Moontower

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