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Justice Lords Javelin 7
The Javelin-7, and its predecessor the Justice League Javelin, were spaceships employed by the Justice League. The first Javelin was designed by Batman. Following the Thanagarian invasion of 2004, the reorganized Justice Lords made use of a fleet of Javelins 7, based in hangar facilities on the second Justice Watchtower. There are 8 Javelin 7 in service at all times. Two are stationed on the Justice Watchtower at all times.

The Javelin 7 design incorporated deep space, atmospheric, and even underwater operational capabilities. As an aircraft, the Javelin 7 was capable of vertical takeoff and landing; in space it was also capable of generating a wormhole for faster-than-light travel across considerable interstellar distances. The Javelins are armed with energy blasters and missiles.

In June of 2010, the Javelin 7 is been replaced by the Javelin 9.

1- Main engine exhaust 2- Atmospheric flight maneuvering flaps 3- Main engine (2) 4- Engineering 5- EVA suits compartment 6- Airlock 7- Access ramp 8- Food and beverage supplying machine (hot) 9- Tactical console 10- Navigation console 11- Control Chair 12- Plaser cannon (2) 13- Couchette (4) 14- Stasis pod (2) 15- Food and beverage supplying machine (cold) 16- Systems console 17- Science consol 18- Maneuvering/retro thrusters (2) 19- Rest room 20- Table 21- Locker (instruments-weapons-first aid) 22- Vertical takeoff thruster 23- Maneuvering thrusters (2)

Javelin 7 [BODY: 9, Flight: 14, Radar Sense: 15, Radio Communication: 15, Sealed Systems: 21, Vehicle (self): 5, R#: 2] Notes: The Aircraft has VTHL capabilities.
Seats: 6
Missile [Dex: 13, Body:10 AV: 8, EV: 14, Fligth:12, Radar Sense:20, Ammo: 6]
Laser Cannon (x2) [Body:10 AV: 10, EV: 10, R#:3]
Bonuses: The Justice Lords Aircraft can fire up to two cannons to the same target gaining the bonuses of a Team Attack combat maneuver or can attack two different targets without the column shifts adjustments of a Multi-Attack combat maneuver.

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