Groups and Organizations

Important Groups and Organizations:

Government and Hero Organizations:
Blackhawk Squadron
Cadmus Project
Checkmate (disbanded)
Doom Patrol (disbanded)
Fire and Ice
Infinity Inc (disabled)
Justice League (disbanded)
Justice Lords
Justice Police
Justice Reserve
Justice Society (disabled)
Outsiders (disbanded)
Rocket Red Brigade (disabled)
Seven Soldiers of Victory (disbanded)
Shadowpact (disbanded)
Suicide Squad (disbanded)
Teen Titans (disbanded)
The Outsiders (disbanded)
United Nations
Young All-Stars (disbanded)

Criminal Organizations and Groups:
Brotherhood of Evil (disabled)
Central City Rogue Gallery (disabled)
Extremists (disabled)
Freedom Fighters
Gotham Rogue Gallery (disabled)
HIVE (disabled)
Injustice League (disabled) (Injustice League Writeups) (disabled)
Injustice Society (disabled)
Intergang (disabled)
Jokers Wildcards
Kobra Cult (disabled)
League of Assassins (in hiding)
League of Shadows (destroyed)
Light and Mirrors
Royal Flush Gang
Secret Society of Super-Villains (disabled)

Blue Lantern Corps
Green Lantern Corps
Indigo Lantern Corps
Red Lantern Corps
Orange Lantern Corps
Violet Lantern Corps
Yellow Lantern Corps
The Controllers
The Dominators
The Manhunters
The Reach
Spider Guild

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Groups and Organizations

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