Republic of Chad, Africa on planet Earth-50

Radiation Level: 11

2009: During the events known as Apokolips Invasion the Justice Lords had to nuke the Republic of Chad with a population of 13,670,084 with only enough time to evacuate half of them. After the events, combined efforts from the isle of Themyscira, Wayne Enterprises and Booster Gold International were able to were able to heal physical wounds from those affected by the radiation. The remaining survivors from the attack and explosion were 3,135,21 who were relocated to other countries. Chad is now a radioactive wasteland.

2009: Illegal transmission made by Arcadia Radio: " Was the tragedy of the Republic of Chad avoidable? Was that the only way to serve Earth from the Apokolips Invasion? What is the official statement of the Justice Lords about the 6,521,521 killed during the explosion not to mention those who died in other countries! The Justice Lords claim that they will protect us but they weren’t fast enough or strong enough to adequate protect us. Even Lord Superman was capture! Citizens of Earth! We have to claim back our freedom! "

2009: The Justice Lords send a team of incredible gifted heroes some members of the Justice Reserve, some retired and even one that was a villain in custody of Cadmus Project to use the power of Energy Absorption to clean the radiation from the Republic of Chad in Africa. The team was composed of: Isis, Firestorm, Obsidian, Nightshade, Rocket Red, Reactron and Shockwave. They were later joined by Captain Atom and worked in conjunction with the United Nations and the Justice Police.
The work on the Republic of Chad was able to clean a great amount of the deadly radiation. The place is very badly wounded where all the infrastructure (highways, buildings, airports, vehicles, etc.) has to be rebuilt, and all the resources (mines, fields, forests, rivers, lakes, animals) are destroyed. During the weeks of work the team had the following trouble: Nightshade died from exposure to radiation when doing a difficult maneuver that caused a part of the city to explode. Reactron found an opportunity to escape.

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