Brother Satellite Grid

Brother Satellite Grid
A series of satellites deployed by the United Nations, build by Wayne Enterprises and under the charge of Project Director Maxwell Lord it was created under the Brother Grid Project. The satellite grid is under the control of the Watchmen or members of the Justice Police stationed on the Justice Watchtower and are an essential part of the Earth-50 Armament and Defenses. The Satellite Grid is located at 25 AP’s of Earth-50. To use their Laser Beams on a target on planet Earth they have to be moved to 10 AP’s taking 15 AP’s of time (1 day). See Earth-Moon System for distances and locations.

There are a total of 15 Brother Satellites identified from I to XV.

The satellites are design to cover areas of the surface of Earth-50 in order to cancel the CS penalties caused by the wilderness and population areas Continents and Areas of Earth-50. ) Multiple satellites can do Team Attack actions. Moving the satellites into position to search a specific area takes 3 APs of time. The configuration can also be change to explore deeper into outer space (6AP’s of time). For every additional satellite in configuration add 1 AP to the distance of the sensors in addition to the Team Attack.

Brother Satellite [Bod: 15, Int: 04, Wil: 06, Min: 04, Init: 6, R#2]
Powers: Flight: 6, Laser beam: 10, Life sense: 25, Radio Communications: 25, Recall: 20, Self-Link (Gadgetry): 25, Telescopic vision: 25, X-Ray vision: 10

Current Status:

  • Brother Satellite I – Tampered by Cyborg Superman. Evolved into Brother Eye. Destroyed by Lord Green Lantern
  • Brother Satellite II – Active.
  • Brother Satellite III – Active.
  • Brother Satellite IV – Active.
  • Brother Satellite V – Active.
  • Brother Satellite VI – Active.
  • Brother Satellite VII – Active.
  • Brother Satellite VIII – Active.
  • Brother Satellite IX – Active.
  • Brother Satellite X – Active.
  • Brother Satellite XI – Active.
  • Brother Satellite XII – Active.
  • Brother Satellite XIII – Active.
  • Brother Satellite XIV – Active.
  • Brother Satellite XV – Assigned to Watchmen15 to watch outer space and the Solar System.


2006: A network of surveillance satellites called Brother Satellite Grid is deployed by the United Nations to be the “eye in the sky” who watches over Earth-50.

2009: The events of Cyborg-Superman-Brainiac take place were Cyborg Superman disabled the Brother Satellite Grid.
The events in Eight Hours of Chaos take place during a blackout of the Brother Satellite Grid. Maxwell Lord’s team of engineers repair the grid.

2009: During the events known as The Eye in the Sky Part I and The Eye in the Sky Part II, after trying to destroy all metahumans on planet Earth, Brother Eye was destroyed by Green Lantern and control over the Brother Satellite Grid was restored by Cyborg. The Atom reported to the Justice Lords that the satellite was trying to fulfill the Justice Lords‘s mission to "to protect all of Earth’s citizens" and he was instead of a villain a “number one fan”. Two of the satellites were destroyed.

2010: During the events of The Triumvirate of War five of the Sattelites were destroyed. All satellites were restored before the end of the year.

Brother Satellite Grid

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