Atlantis versus Themyscira

Atlantis vs Themyscira

On 1999 Aquaman was infected by a dangerous and deadly virus and he was very sick and in hiding. He was specially deformed and chose to hide from the world, his family and his kingdom of Atlantis. He choose to hide in the island of Themyscira. There he was nursed to health by the Amazons, specially Wonder Woman and in those months he was there they became intimate. He considers it a “simple and short romantic affair". Wonder Woman feels offended by his attitude.


Aquaman’s wife, Mera, found out about this affair and hates Wonder Woman. She now voices against the Justice Lords in specific and all non-atlanteans in general. She is against Atlantis joining the United Nations.

To make matters worse, at the end of 2002, villain Black Manta washed on the shores of Themyscira. Black Manta was a high-tech pirate who killed Aquaman’s son and the King of Atlantis was looking for him. He was also responsible for Aquaman’s earlier disease, a plague that he wanted to use to kill all atlanteans. Black Manta asked for Themyscira’s sanctuary, which was given by Wonder Woman for one year. She used that year to re-educate the villain using amazonian techniques and magic. When Black Manta was released back to the international community he was a new man who was given a pardon for his past crimes and had now membership on the Justice Reserve.

This was a low blow to Aquaman’s pride who just signed a treaty with the United Nations and had to follow the laws imposed by the Justice Lords. He couldn’t let the assassin get away so he took Black Manta as part of his army to keep an eye on him. He’s waiting for the moment that the former pirate does something that proves he isn’t a hero, so that kill him is not against the law.

The current situation is one that is very volatile. Both Aquaman and Wonder Woman are part of the Justice Lords and both are important leaders on their respective countries. They will not work together unless absolutely necessary and the tension between them can be felt by the other members. Is a disaster waiting to happen.

Atlantis versus Themyscira

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