Arkham Asylum

Arkham Asylum
Gotham City
United States
North America
Mana Factors: + 1APs
The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane is a high security psychiatric hospital located just outside of Gotham City. Originally known as Mercey Mansion, the hospital was run by Amadeus Arkham. Arkham himself was slowly driven insane shortly following the grisly murder of his wife and child by a lunatic named Martin “Mad Dog” Hawkins. Dying inside his own hospital, custodianship of Arkham Asylum was passed down to his nephew, Jeremiah. Jeremiah Arkham is the current head of the Asylum. Jermiah Arkham took a hardline approach towards the care of his patients. He completely renovated the interior of the hospital, tearing away the old Victorian-style architecture, replacing it with newly designed interconnecting corridors patterned in the style of old classical labyrinths.

Today in 2009, the asylum is a place for the criminally insane and dangerous individuals that have been lobotomized to live their lives in docile and harmless activities. Is under the control of the Justice Police. The asylum is now far different place than it was. The staff are all former criminals, particularly from Batman’s rogues gallery, all of whom are placid, docile zombies. All of the inmates have been lobotomized.

Patients/Staff in Arkham Asylum:
(all patients are lobotomized)
Anthony Ivo
Baron Tyrano
Black Hand
Dr. Tzin-Tzin
Houngan (deceased)
Poison Ivy (escaped)
Mad Hatter
The Joker
The Pinguin
The Riddler
The Scarecrow
The Toyman
The Ventriloquist

Facility STAS
Physical Stats for the Facility
[Body: 8, Doors have Body of 7]

Security System
[Body:4, Security Systems: 8, Energy Blast (non lethal): 6, Radio Communication: 20, R#2] Limitations: The device’s Radio Communication Power represents the range of the signal to alert the Justice Police.

DC Wikia entry
Magic p.114 (with floorplan)


A visit to Arkham Asylum

Arkham Asylum

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