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  • Undergang

    *Undergang* [[Wealth and Resources]]: 8 After the destruction of [[Intergang]] and other crime groups by [[:batman | Batman]] and his team in 1996, the crime syndicates reorganized in a new underground crime organization that deal in the new kind of …

  • Undergang Hideout

    Undergang Hideout The location of the secret hideout of the criminal organization known as [[Undergang]] is unknown. The theory is that they have divided their resources very thin with multiple small hideouts across North and South America.

  • Black Mask II

    In 1996 the leader of [[Intergang]] was [[:black-mask | Black Mask]] who was killed by the [[:nightwing | Nightwing]] when [[:batman | Batman]]'s team disable the organization. In 2006 a new [[:black-mask-ii | Black Mask II]] has claimed the place and …

  • Guido Masseria

    Guido Masseria is the son of the late Don Vitto, the former godfather of the Masseria family of the [[New York City]] Mafia. He was his father’s bodyguard and prized enforcer. At one point, when Don Vitto was kidnapped by an ancient Egyptian cult, he …

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