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  • Star City

    *Star City*, California Home city of [[:green-arrow | Green Arrow]]. Specific Locations: [[Star Labs Star City Facility]] Atlas p.55 "DC Wikia Entry":http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Star_City

  • Lord Green Arrow

    "Owner of a thousand trick arrows." Oliver Queen, is the hotshot [[:green-arrow | Green Arrow]] He's always the one who speaks against tyranny and despotism in front of the other members of the [[Justice Lords]] but he knows that when no other option …

  • Black Canary

    [[:black-canary | Black Canary]] and [[:green-arrow | Green Arrow]] had a daughter called [[:arrowette | Arrowette]]. Player: Valeria Melendez JLSp.13 "DC Wikia entry":http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Black_Canary

  • Arrowette

    “If I can’t hit it in one shot, you’d better promise not to tell my mom." Born in 1997, Cissie Queen is the daughter of [[:green-arrow | Oliver Queen]] and [[:black-canary | Dinah Drake]]. Both parents agree that she must be out of the hero scenery and …

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