Justice League: A Better World

A Better World Part2
Mariotón 106

1997-1998: Second part of the adventure were the players have to play the Justice Lords in their second year of conquest. (the listed date is a guess. the event was deleted from facebook)

The Justice Lords fight and kill almost all members of the Justice Society because they opposed their new " brand of justice " including their guidelines described here: A Better World. The also killed other villains and incarcerated others. The event is called A Better World Part2.

The events are called: Justice Lords are Born

A Better World Part1
Mariotón 105

First part of our adventure:
Superman speaks to the United Nations. Mostly all criminal organizations are dismantled, all governments that opposes the Justice Lords are taken by force. This events are called Justice Lords are Born and last until the first quarter of 1998. During that event the Justice Lords have to battle villains, criminal organizations, heroes and governments. Governments like Russia who used the Rocket Red Brigade and Japan used their own monster called Mechagodzilla. The event is called A Better World Part1.

The players had the part of the Justice League as they turn into the Justice Lords hey have 12 hours to play the 2 years that the Justice Lords took to take control of Earth.

The Road to War
Pre-Marioton 105

The Gulf War started in August 2 of 1990 and hasn’t ended yet in 1995. Codenamed Operation Desert Storm, was a war waged by a UN-authorized coalition force from 34 nations led by the United States, against Iraq in response to Iraq’s invasion and annexation of Kuwait and terrorists attacks on different embassies in Europe and the U.S.A.
Is the new years eve of 1995, President Lex Luthor ordered a massive mobilization of troops and DEF COM is activated. Something smells fishy for the Justice League. Further investigations by conspiracy theorist The Question lead him to uncover something and then disappear, not before leaving a series of clues for Batman to discover. The JL have travelled to Irak following his trail and are in the following situation:

A train carrying four ICBM is moving to the top of a mountain in the Irak frontier. The coalition troops already know that these bombs are there but are acting under direct orders of the President to wait until the bombs are in the air to launch their own ICBM’s in retaliation. This will surely start WWIII. The train is been controlled by the same terrorists that attacked the embassies in 1991. The train has eight wagons and terrorists are escorted by Iraki tanks and helicopters. In the fifth one there is a command center and inside the computer there is the data who exposes who is the mastermind behind all this. The The Question is tied up in # 6.


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