Zatanna Zatara



Zatanna searchs for her father’s Zatara’s Hat and acquires it.


“…dna won rof ym txen tca!”

Since Doctor Fate was defeated by the Justice Lords in 1997, Zatanna has become their source of Occultist knowledge, a job that she feels unable to accomplish due to the amount of knowledge needed. She has asked for the Helm of Fate and has tried to find and enter the Tower of Fate without any luck.

Zatana is the daughter of Zatara ( who died during the events of Day of Judgment ) and Sindella ( an Homo Magi who died many years ago ). She is secretly the Medulla Jewel who keeps The Hidden City of the Homo Magi outside of the normal world.

2009: Zatanna does a research on the lost artifact Staff of Arion under the order of Lord Green Lantern. The entry is updated with her findings.

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