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A member of the Justice Reserve even when he is opposed to the Justice Lords and has voiced his disapproval of the battle against the Justice Society. He is a friend of Superman and has remained loyal, even changing his bright yellow uniform to a black uniform more like his mentor.

He’s actually the second hero to use the name Starman and the Justice Lords want the world to see him as a replacement and forget the original one.

2009: Two members of the Justice Police disappear in a period of 30 hours. They are Captain Atom and Starman. The last person to see them was Catherine Grant.

2009: During the events of The Morning with Two Stars, Starman reappears in the Justice Police facility of Germany with what appears to be a controlling harness. He is destroying the Headquarter when confronted by Lord Green Lantern. This time the heroes are able to distract the powers of the harness enough to study its technology and to capture Starman without mind damage. They still need to place him under the care of Miss Martian to facilitate his recovery.

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