Queen Bee



Bee Control: Although Zazzala may be able to control more than just bees she has a strong affinity towards bees from both her planet and Earth; this means that she may have general control over any being with the same genetic structure as a normal honeybee no matter what the planet.
Flight: Zazzala like the rest of her race can fly, but does not need wings like Earth’s bees.
Hypno Pollen: Zazzala’s body produces a hypnotic pollen. She does this mentally by willing her body to produce the pollen. Once Zazzala releases the pollen her victims will do what ever she tells them to do. There is no limit to how many people she can have under her control but there is a limit for how long they stay under control. The amount of time that depends on the size of the dose.


Ex-Queen of Bialya and secret leader of HIVE.

The leader of the hive-world Korll, Zazzala lives only for the interstellar expansion of her species. She clashed frequently with the Justice League of America during their early adventures. Queen Zazzala created an army of bee-men to find a potion of immortality for her. She first tested them by having them loot various worlds. But on Earth they failed, being defeated by the Justice League. Therefore she threatened to destroy Earth if the JLA did not find the vial for her. They did but the Green Lantern Hal Jordan used his power ring to stop her from opening it. However, back on her home world, she looked through the records of her people’s experiments on a Green Lantern Ring and found a way to open the vial.

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Queen Bee

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