Power Girl

Kara Zor-El (Linda Danvers)


Supergirl/Power Girl
DEX: 10 STR: 15 BODY: 12
INT: 6 WILL: 8 MIND: 7
INIT: 23 HP: 75
Awareness: 5, Directional Hearing: 6, Extended Hearing: 6, Flight: 12, Invulnerability: 13, Sealed Systems: 8, Super Hearing: 6, Superspeed: 9, Systematic Antidote: 13, Telescopic Vision: 4
Artist (Sculptor): 4, Gadgetry: 7, Scientist: 7
Area Knowledge (Leesburg); Attractive; Connections: Superman (High), The Kent’s (High), Superboy (low), Steel (low).
Drawbacks: Age (Young), Minor Bulletproof Syndrome, Fatal Vulnerability (Kryptonite, Range of 1 AP), Gradual Power Loss Vulnerability (Lack of Yellow-Sun Solar Radiation, All Powers 0 APs, All Physical Stats 04 APs), MIA towards Getting Superman’s approval, Minor Rage, Power Loss Vulnerability (Kryptonite, Range 1 AP, All Powers to 0, STR & BOD to 04), Power Loss Vulnerability (Absence of Shields: Flight, Laser Beam, X-Ray Vision are all reduced to 0 APs, STR is lower by 1 AP), Secret Identity, Socially Inept
Alter Ego: Linda Danvers
Occupation: Sculptor
Motivation: Upholding the Good
Wealth: 4

Security Level: Delta
Justice Lords Equipment


Kara Zor-El is another survivor of Krypton’s explosion and cousin of Superman. She is an ally of the Justice Lords even when she has reluctantly accepted the new regime but has changed her name to Power Girl and prefers not to voice her opinion. Power Girl is slowly feeling more driven toward his cousin Superman and the decision to confront him or completely comply to his desires could be just a step away.

A recorded message has been delivered by Cyborg to Power Girl. Is from her mother, Alura In-Ze. " My dear daughter Kara. Recent events have force us in Kandor to reopen your late’s father Zor-El‘s lab. It was discovered that the villain Brainiac didn’t killed your father as we always believed. He experimented, mutilated and brainwashed him to make him into the evil Cyborg Superman. My belief is that Brainiac needed your father’s will power to be able to create the abomination he wanted to battle your cousin Kal-El. I have hope that deep inside that monster is still your father somewere. "

Death Count:
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Power Girl

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