Maxwell Lord

No Alter Ego


Maxwell Lord
Dex: 2, Str: 2, Body: 2
Int: 11, Will: 4, Mind: 2
Infl: 8, Aura: 6, Spirit: 3
Init: 21, HP: 15

  • Skill:
    Charisma: 10
  • Bonuses: None
  • Advantage: Scholar (Business)
    Connections: Justice Lords (High), United Nations (High) Omni-Connection, Gift of Gab
  • Motivation: Seeking Wealth
  • Occupation: CEO, Project Manager
  • Wealth: 13

Security Level: Beta
Justice Lords Equipment


“If money grew on trees, I’ll be the fertilizer.”

Maxwell Lord is a wealthy businessman and entrepreneur responsible who took an interest in the Justice Lords‘s new brand of justice. He secured management of certain projects, he also secured United Nations sponsorship for the Lords and acted as their liaison for several years. The must important project under his administration is the Brother Satellite Grid. He is also responsable for organizing the new military branch of the United Nations known as the Justice Police. He continues serving as an administrator for certain security projects. He is a personal friend of Bruce Wayne ( Batman ) and Ted Kord ( Blue Beetle ). His company’s name is Lord Industries.

Maxwell Lord is the Director of the UN Industrial Branch of the United Nations, he likes his position and he sometines brags about his position of power and business oportunities. He knows how to push people and gets the job done.

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Maxwell Lord

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