Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner



YELLOW POWER RING [INT: 10, BODY: 18, Comprehend Languages: 20, Flight: 40, Force Manipulation: 18, Invulnerability: 18, Life Sense: 40, Omni-Power: 9, Recall: 20, Regeneration: 4, Sealed Systems: 16, Skin Armor: 4, Spirit Travel: 50] Bonus: Guy’s BODY is 10 when wearing the Ring. Limitation: Comprehend Languages only translates languages into Korugarian, which Guy does not understand; The Ring also Recalls information in Korugarian; Skin Armor does not have to be activated at tis full AP value: Guy loses 1 AP of Force Manipulation and Omni-Power for each AP of Skin Armor in use; Life Sense is only useable to detect other Power Rings; Ring’s BODY is only 6 when not being worn; Matter Manipulation is linked to the user’s WILL, its Omni-Power to half the user’s WILL; The Ring is subject to periodic power outages, which occur seemingly at random (treat as R#: 3 – when Guy rolls a 3 or less on any Dice Action, the Ring “conks”: None of its Powers work except for Sealed Systems which will continue to work for one day or 15 APs. The GM can roll 1d10 to determine the APs of time that pass before the Ring’s Powers return)


“I’m the real deal, babe!”

In 2003 during the event known as Sinestro Corp War Guy Gardner allied with Sinestro as part of the Yellow Lantern Corps against the Green Lantern Corps but then opposed him and allied with the Justice Lords. Guy kept the Yellow Power Ring. Guy Gardner and Ice ate both members of the Justice Reserve and are in an on and off relationship.

2009: Lord Green Lantern reported that Guy Gardner was called to Oa by the Guardians of the Universe. When he comes back the Apokolips Invasion is over. “You wait until I was away to throw a party!” He was assigned a lot of reconstruction tasks with other Justice Reserve members.

2009: On a mission near planet Rann, Guy Gardner is ambushed by the Yellow Lantern Corps and Sinestro who chops Guy’s right arm and takes back his ring. Guy is left for dead but is rescued by Hal Jordan and is taken back to Earth.

Metahuman Treat Rating: D1

Player: Joshua
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Guy Gardner

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