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Oliver Queen’s Current Wealth has increased to 7.

Security Level: Beta
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“Owner of a thousand trick arrows.”

Oliver Queen, is the hotshot Green Arrow He’s always the one who speaks against tyranny and despotism in front of the other members of the Justice Lords but he knows that when no other option is possible, killing has to be considered an option. He has accepted lobotomizing the criminals who has been identified as unrepentant and destroying those who cannot be controlled like Bizarro. He was the one who killed Ras al Ghul back in 1996 when he was working with Batman and his team to stop the League of Assassins.

What he doesn’t like is the way that rights are been taken away from the general public. Superman once answered him “What good is the right to choose if you’are going to choose wrong?” And Green Arrow answered “But it will be my choice.” Black Canary and Green Arrow had a daughter called Arrowette but Oliver had another son called Connor Hawke or Green Arrow 2. His first sidekick was Speedy now known as the fugitive Arsenal.

2004: The Justice Lords added to new members to their level of the organization: Lord Flash and Lord Green Arrow.

Death Count:
[GM: Here I want to keep a list of important characters killed by the hero. If I forget some, please tell me.]
Ras al Ghul
Hourman (deceased)
The Sandman (deceased)
Count Vertigo

Player: Francisco Melendez (on hiatus, character available)
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Lord Green Arrow

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