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MISCELLANEOUS ADVANTAGE: Using his Superspeed Power, Flash can mimic other effects as he does when running in circles with Air Control, for example Dispersal (vibrating to go through a wall) or Projectile Weapon (throwing hundreds of small stones to a target). The duplicated effect will always be 6 APs less than the current APs of Superspeed. The powers duplicated are linked to Superspeed. lash has used Superspeed to duplicate the following powers:

  • Air Control
  • Air Walking
  • Dispersal
  • Invisibility
  • Projectil Weapon
  • Water Walking

“The fastest man alive.”

Barry Allen was the second Flash, killed by Lex Luthor and replaced by the current Flash Wally West whose powers have increased to Barry’s level. He is married to Linda Park. The first Flash was Jay Garrick a member of the Justice Society who was killed fighting the Justice Lords

2004: The Justice Lords added to new members to their level of the organization: Lord Flash and Lord Green Arrow.

2009: Illegal transmission made by Arcadia Radio: " The Flash, Lord Flash is one of the heroes that is more used and less heard. – explained the voice in Arcadia Radio – He has voiced his opinion against some of the more radical decisions the Justice Lords have taken. He has been the voice of reason in more than one occasion, and for what? The others still get their decision done by force! This is no democracy, this is a dictatorship! Flash! You are been used like a tool! Wake up man! They have you running around in a wheel like a hamster! Martian Manhunter, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, all of them are dictators! How much time will the human race stay submissive? "

Death Count:
[GM: Here I want to keep a list of important characters killed by the hero. If I forget some, please tell me.]

Player: José Zayas
JLSp.14 Barry Allen
JLSp.49 Wally West
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