Jared Stevens


Fate (Doctor Fate III)
DEX: 6 STR: 2/11 BODY: 6/10
INT: 7 WILL: 6 MIND: 6
POWERS: ( * Mystic Link) Awareness: 7, Flight: 11 * , Invulnerability: 14 * , Magic Sense: 9, Sorcery: 15, Split: 4
SKILLS: Occultist: 8
ADVANTAGES: Buddy (Nabu); Insta-Change. Split is only used to place magic in his dagger and stars. (See below under equipment)
DRAWBACKS: Misc.: This Dr. Fate is equipped with fragments of the original Doctor Fate’s equipment and he is substantial less powerful than his predecessor.
ALTER EGO: Jared Stevens
MOTIVATION: Responsibility of Power
Fate Dagger (x1) [BODY: 10, EV: 10 (Mystical), Telekinesis: 11 (Mystic Link)] Bonuses: See below under Special for additional powers.
Fate Throwing Stars (x3) [BODY: 10, EV: 5 (Mystical), Telekinesis: 11 (Mystic Link)] Bonuses: See below under Special for additional powers.
FATE ARM [BODY 11, STR: 10] Limitations: If he removes the bands from his arm he dies.

The Telekinesis power of the Dagger and Throwing Stars is the AV of the attack, the flying speed, the distance of the weapon range and the STR of the weapon when someone tries to remove it from it’s target. it always returns to Fate when called back by him.
Spells can be locked in the weapons and in doing so, Fate can split APs of his Sorcery power in the weapon. When using split to lock a spell in one of his Stars or his Dagger, Fate can only use a number of APs of Sorcery equal to the EV of the artifact. The spell will stay were the artifact is thrown or placed by Fate until he removes it. On the other hand, he doesn’t loses APs of Sorcery when using this special ability. If the artifact is removed by Fate or by someone who can make a STR check against the OV/RV equal to the Telekinesis power of the artifact, the spell is dismiss.


Jared Stevens is a man of many talents who was chosen as the successor of the last Doctor Fate. He was working as a “collector of ancient artifacts” (a tomb raider) when the Helm of Fate found him. Jared was contacted by Nabu the Wise, the Lord of Order who had empowered the Nelsons and who now wanted to make Jared the new Doctor Fate.

Three demons appear from a small smoke cloud that was following the Helm. These demons were summoned by a powerful spell cast by Circe who has for some reason prepared for Doctor Fate’s return and was trying to destroy or capture the helm.

Jared tried to use the Amulet of Anubis against the demons but it exploded, and somehow bestowed various mystical abilities on Jared (as well as an Ankh tattoo over his eye) while also damaging his right arm. At the end he was able to destroy the demons. Jared tore up the Cloak of Destiny and used it to bandage the arm; the arm was immediately restored to normal, though Jared later discovered that if he removed the bandage, it was effectively dead. He went on to melt the Helm of Fate down and fashion the mystic metal into a dagger and Ankh shaped throwing stars.

Jared refused to be the champion of order, but was reluctantly drawn into his unwanted new role as one of earth’s mystical defenders, operating under the name ‘Fate’. But Jared chaotic way of thinking has a constant fight with Nabu inside his head so he used the artifacts in a different way as described under EQUIPMENT.

Because of the damage done to the artifacts by the demons (or maybe by Nabu’s choice), Jared is the first Doctor Fate to has partial to total control of Nabu.

DC WIkia

The Justice Lords ordered Black Alice and Raven to look out and find Fate and speak to him to see if he joins the Justice Reserve. This is their report: “ Fate is very difficult to find. His level of power can block our magic. We have discovered that he has been successful on entering and exiting the Tower of Fate. There are rumors that he has contacted occultists like Jason Blood and Madame Xanadu to learn more about his “curse” with the Helm of Fate. Another person told us that he had a meeting with the Phantom Stranger. “

The Justice Lords ordered Jason Blood to use his high knowledge of Occultism speak to Nabu and check his whereabouts. This is his report: “ Working for you doesn’t make me happy. I’m not a lackey of the Justice Reserve. Nabu is not in complete control of the Helmet of Fate and Fate can bypass his judgment and his will. Fate has been able to enter and exit the Tower of Fate. Nabu has not been able to stop Fate in any decision. Fate is his own man. Nabu is unable to tell me were Fate is but can tell me where he has been. Oblivion Bar is one of the places he has been. “


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