Jason Blood


Dexterity: 9 Strength: 10 Length: 12
Int: 12 Will: 17 Mind: 14
Infl: 13 Aura: 17 Spirit: 12
Initiative: 34 Hero Points: 130
Powers Edit
_ * Mystic Link_
Awareness 11, Claws 9 Comprehend Languages ​​* 12 Flame Project * 12, Invulnerability * 13 Jumping 3, Magic Blast 16, Precognition * 30 Regeneration * 9 Sorcery 15
Bonus: Etrigan can see, hold and hurt ghosts. Considers that a character using Self-Link (Spirit Travel) takes damage normally against physical attacks of the devil. The damage will for the spirit of the character. Flame Project is damage to body and Spirit (burning both the body and the soul).
Etrigan spell
Etrigan recites a spell using Sorcery.
limitation: Etrigan can not use Precognition to know their own future.
Skills: Edit
Occultist 15
Advantages: Edit
Area Knowledge (Hell) Connections: Inferno (high), Iron Nerves
Disadvantages: Edit
Alter Ego (controllable), Strange Appearance, Miscellaneous: Rhyming Demons always talk in rhymes.
Alter ego: Jason Blood
Motivation: Psychopath
Occupation: demon rhymer
Wealth Variable


“Let’s play a game, about the Lord’s shame….”

In 1999 the Justice Lords have to fight the Spectre going on a rampage and destroying New York City, after he was forcibly bonded to the fallen Angel Asmodel by Etrigan. The events are known as Day of Judgment.

Metahuman Treat Rating: D5

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