Selina Kane


Dex: 09 Str: 04 Bod: 05
Int: 09 Wil: 07 Min: 07
Inf: 08 Aur: 07 Spi: 07
Init: 030 HP: 090
Skills: Acrobatics (Athletics, dodging, climbing): 9, Animal handling (Felines): 08, Martial artist: 08, Thief: 9, Vehicles: 09, Weaponry: 09
Advantages: Area Knowledge (Gotham City), Lightning Reflexes
Connections: Street (High), Underworld (Low), Batman (High), Slam Bradley (High), Dr. Leslie Thompkins (High), Various fences (High), Ted Grant (aka Wildcat I, High), Oracle (High – though sometimes she’s depicted as needing to use her Connection with Leslie to request favours from Oracle)
Drawbacks: MIA toward Batman, Dependents (Maggie, Holly and Karon and their irregulars, Leslie Thompkins, her cats – collectively count as one), Eclipsed (Batman)
Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Occupation: Vigilante
Resources {or Wealth}: 008
Cat o’ nine tails [BODY 04, EV 03 (05 w/STR), Stretching: 02, /STR/ 05, Limitation : Stretching doesn’t allow for fine manipulation (-2), /STR/ only for Grappling combat, and cannot be higher than normal STR plus one AP (-2). Nowadays she tends to use her Cat o’nine tails for roofs-running rather than a swingline]
Her costume includes GLOVE CLAWS [BODY 06, EV 02 (05 w/STR), Cling: 01], BOOT BLADES [BODY 06, EV 02 (05 w/STR), Cling: 01 – Note that the gloves and the boot blades allow her to reach a total of Cling: 02] and a COWL [BODY 03, Shade: 01, Thermal vision: 06, Ultra-vision: 06, Note : includes a cell phone]
Catwoman will routinely use specialized tools when she has to break in somewhere – explosives, K.O. gas spray, numerous electronic gadgets, rocket rail-sleds, parachute, rebreather, magnetic clamps, etc. None of those are Gadgets in the game sense – these are commercially available (if rare and restricted) pieces of equipment she usually uses once and disposes of.
Selina occasionally carried a powerful, contact Stun Gun inside one of her boots [BODY 04, Lightning (No Range): 09, Ammo: 01]. This last-recourse weapon is meant to take out superhumans. Selina seldom uses it given the downsides (having to make contact for several seconds, inability to regulate the output, etc

Check more equipment under Batcave and Batmans Equipment.

Additional Equipment (acquired with HP awards):
[cost: 53] – Tracking Signal [BODY: 1, Radio Communication: 10] Limitations: Radio Communication only allows for the signal’s location to be tracked.


“Curiosity ALMOST killed the cat.”

The former villain Selina Kane is now part of Batman’s team Batcave. Cat burglar Catwoman choose the path of justice (it was a lot better than been lobotomized), and eventually joined Batman and his Batcave group. The Huntress and Oracle doesn’t trust the feline ex-villain but Robin III has got used to working with her. Batman and Catwoman married and had a girl called Batgirl.

Metahuman Treat Rating: D1

Death Count:
[GM: Here I want to keep a list of important characters killed by the hero. If I forget some, please tell me.]

Player: Christopher Q.
Batman Sourcebook p.58
DC HEROES RPG 3rd Edition p.166
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