Captain Atom

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Captain Atom is a good soldier that knows how to follow orders. Now, the serves the Justice Police as he served the US Army before. He helped the Justice Lords impose their new brand of justice and respect what has been accomplish up to today. His worst enemy Major Force recently escaped Cadmus Project and that has him waiting for his nemesis to appear at any moment.

2009: Two members of the Justice Police disappear in a period of 30 hours. They are Captain Atom and Starman. The last person to see them was Catherine Grant.

2009: During the events of The Amazing Land During these events Captain Atom reappears in Coast City with what appears to be a controlling harness. He is destroying the evidence. Lord Martian Manhunter, Power Girl and Lord Flash are able to hold him enough for Cyborg and The Atom to disarm the device who auto-destructs. Captain Atom is left catatonic with a fractured mind that needs slow healing and is placed under the care of Miss Martian.

2009: During a battle in Germany, and while Major Force was under the mind control machine of Apokolips, Captain Atom and Lord Flash attacks made a breach on Mayor Force’s containment suit and exploded. Captain Atom had to absorb the radioactive energy to save Germany from been blown from the map. The energy absorption sent him time travelling for an unknown amount of time.

Five days after disappearing while battling Major Force in Germany during the Apokolips Invasion, the hero Captain Atom reappears from his time displacement in the same location. He was received by Starman who was part of the rebuilding crew on the site. He was able to join the team assigned to use their powers of Energy Absorption to clean the Republic of Chad.

Player: Hector Martinez
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Captain Atom

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