Blue Beetle 3

Jaime Reyes


DEX 11 (5) STR 8 (2) BODY 9 (3)
INIT 21 (15) HP 50
Buddies (Brenda Del Vecchio, Paco Testas)
High- Titans; Low- JLA, Booster Gold
Age (Young), Secret Identity, Misc.: Reyes is bonded to the Blue Beetle Scarab Armor and cannot remove it- though he can deactivate it
Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Alter Ego: Jaime Reyes
BLUE BEETLE SCARAB ARMOR [DEX: 11, STR: 8, BODY: 9, INT: 9, WILL: 9, MIND: 9, INFL: 2, Recall: 17, Military Science: 8 (Does not work against magic), Scientist (Analysis): 8 (Does not work against magic or magic), Comprehend Languages: 18, Cybertelepathy: 12, Telepathy:8 (With host only), Skin Armor: 6 (Does not work against attacks from other scarabs), Flame Immunity: 6, Cold Immunity: 6, Sealed Systems: 18, Flight: 14, Dimensional Travel: 8 (Travel to the Bleed ( Limbo ) only), Invisibility: 16 (Power linked to Dimensional Travel, Does not work against Green Lantern Power Rings – they always sense the presence of the scarab), Dispersal: 12 (Power linked to Dimensional Travel), Iron Will: 8, Magic Resistance: 8, Regeneration: 10, Energy Control: 12 (The blasts can be configured to any energy that would affect the chosen target, Cannot be used to harm a creature of nature or the Green), Claws: 1 (Cannot be used to harm a creature of nature or the Green), Snare: 10 (Cannot be used to harm a creature of nature or the Green), Detect Changes in the Time Line: 16, Detect Other Scarabs: 18, Life Sense: 16 (Allows the host to track those he has met, Allows the suit to diagnose physical conditions), Radar Sense: 16, Magic Sense: 12, Power Sense: 12, Full Vision: 12, Directional Hearing: 12, Extended Hearing: 8, Super Hearing: 12, Truesight: 12, Telescopic Vision: 12, Thermal Vision: 12, Ultra Vision: 12, X-Ray Vision: 5, R#2, Sentient, Serious Irrational Hatred of Green Lantern Corps, Insta-Change, The Scarab is sentient and is capable of acting on its own even if the host is incapacitated- thus all of its powers have the Continuous Bonus]

Titans Comlink [BODY: 4, Radio Communications: 21 (Only used to communicate with other Titans members and the Titans Tower)]

Security Level: Delta
Justice Lords Equipment


“I got magic armor… dunno how it works.”

Jaime Reyes is the current Blue Beetle 3, a teenager who uses the Blue Beetle Scarab to construct an exo-skeleton and joins the Justice Reserve. He has no direct relation to the second Blue Beetle who uses his own inventions of high tech technology instead of the alien artifact.

During the events of Case Warworld Mr Miracle, Blue Beetle 3 and Black Manta were capture by the Warlords of New Warworld and used as bait to lure Lord Superman in. They were rescued.

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Blue Beetle 3

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