Dex: 7 Str: 6 Body: 6
Int: 7 Will: 8 Mind: 6
Infl: 7 Aura: 8 Spirit: 5
Init: 23 HP: 45

  • Powers: Comprehend Languages: 14, Energy Blast: 11, Solar Substance: 15 .
  • Skills: Charisma: 8, Martial Artis: 7, Military ScienceL 7, Thief (Stealth): 5, Weaponry (Melee Weapons, Missile Weapons): 7
  • Advantages: Area Knowledge ( Tamaran ); Connection: Vegan Worlds (High); Leadership; Popularity.
  • Drawbacks: Authoritarian Figure; Seriou Irrational Hatred of Starfire; Public Identity
  • Alter Ego: Komand’r
  • Motivation: Responsibility of power (formerly Power Lust)
  • Occupation: Queen of Tamaran

Komand’r, is the current Queen of Tamaran and an enemy of the Justice Lords. Born to the royal family of Tamaran, her brother is Darkfire and her sister is Starfire. Despite being the eldest child, her subjects hated her and the birthright was passed to Starfire because of this. This made her hate her sister, and she was disgraced from the family after trying to murder her. Joining the Citadel empire, she betrayed her people and helped the invaders subjugate them.

1999: During the events of The Blackfire Rain, Komand’r attempted to steal the Star Sapphire Gem from the Justice Watchtower‘s vault. It’s discovered that she has at least an Alien Battleship, a group of fanatical soldiers called the Tamarian Deathflames and has hired the help of mercenary scientist Zumur.

Metahuman Treat Rating: D4

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