Black Hand

William Hand


Black Hand
Dex: 06 Str: 03 Bod: 05
Int: 09 Wil: 04 Min: 04
Inf: 04 Aur: 03 Spi: 03
Init: 019 HP: 060
Powers: Recall: 15
Skills: Gadgetry: 06, Scientist: 06, Vehicles (land): 04
Advantages: Scholar (crime, old maxims and clichés), Stroke of Genius (Power Rod)
Connections: Underworld (High)
Drawbacks: MIA to flamboyant crimes, MPI (obsessive compulsive about his foes)
Motivation: Thrill
Occupation: Criminal
Resources {or Wealth}: 006
Equipment: Power Rod [BODY 06, Energy absorption (Green Lantern energy): 20, Force manipulation: 10, Omni-Power: 12, Power reserve (Force manipulation): 14, Limitation : Energy absorption feeds Power Reserve ; Power Reserve and Force manipulation drop to 0 after 8 Phases of Force Manipulation use without absorption of Green Lantern energy ; Omni-Power can only be used with a number of APs equal to half the current APs of Force Manipulation (as enhanced by Power Reserve) (-2)].

Black Hand’s book
While Hand gains little benefit from his own book (he knows what’s inside), a lesser criminal would probably find this sum of Hand’s knowledge extremely useful. The book’s stats are [BODY 02 /INT/ 07 /WIL/ 07, Limitation : /INT/ and /WIL/ only when committing a crime]. You have to own the book (or have 14+ APs of Recall to commit it to memory) to benefit from it.


Black Hand (real name, William Hand) is a supervillain and an enemy of Green Lantern Hal Jordan. He uses a device that allows him to drain the powers of a Green Lantern Ring, and use them for himself. Having trained himself extensively, he is a criminal mastermind who keeps an extensive journal of all of his methods on his person to refer to instantly at any point. He has a fondness for incorporating the themes of old clichés into his work.

Black Hand was lobotomized and placed in Arkham Asylum in 2004.

Metahuman Treat Rating: D3

DC Wikia Entry

2010: (January): The sorceres named Circe kidnapped William Hand and cured him of his lobotomy to get information he had of his time when he was working with Blacksmith a criminal mastermind of both Central City and Keystone City. Is unknown what happened to Black Hand after Circe acquired her information. Orders to find and caputure Black Hand again are already in place by the Justice Police.

Black Hand

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