Big Barda

Barda Free


“By the pits of Apokolips!”

Wife of Mister Miracle both are from planet Apokolips. Both Big Barda and her husband Mr Miracle are part of the Justice Reserve and still work with the Justice Lords but are thinking about leaving Earth-50 all together or at least retire from superhero activity. They escaped for a despotic ruled Apokolips looking for peace and are not very sure that’s what this world has to give them right now. In Apokolips she was the leader of the dangerous group the Female Furies. Mister Miracle and Big Barda had a daughter called Little Barda.

2009: With the help of Big Barda, Lord Martian Manhunter and Lord Green Lantern were able to rescue Lord Superman from the grasp of Granny Goodness in planet Apokolips before she could turn him into another mind controlled slave of Darkseid.

Death Count:
[GM: Here I want to keep a list of important characters killed by the hero. If I forget some, please tell me.]
The Original Starman
Captain Cold
The Parasite

Player: Felix Burgos
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Big Barda

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