Baron Winters

Unknown Alter Ego


Baron Wiinters
Dex: 03 Str: 02 Body: 03
Int: 10 Will: 08 Mind: 09
Infl: 08 Aura: 12 Spirit: 08
Init: 21 HeroPoints: 50

  • Powers: * Mystic Link
    Magic Sense: 3, Mind Probe: 5 * , Remote Sensing: 20 * , Telephaty: 10 *
  • Skills:
    Charisma: 7, Occultist: 11
  • Advantages:
    Connoisseur, Extensive Headquarters ( Wintersgate Manor ), Leadership, Magic Background, Omni-Connection, Pet (Merlin), Schoolar (Anthropologym Cultsm History, Psycology, Sociology, Temporal Lore, Temporal Physics).
  • Connections:
    Supernatural Community (Low), The Night Force (High),
  • Drawbacks:
    Forced Exile (from his Occult Masters and the Shadow Dimension), Forced Exile (from the here and now; Baron Winters cannot leave his Georgetown mansion into the present day, he can only leave into the past historical periods), Magician’s Code, Public Identity.
  • Alter Ego: Unknown
  • Motivation: Responsability of Power
  • Occupation: Occultist-for-hire
  • Wealth: 15
  • Equipment:
    Wintersgate Manor

Baron Winters is a sorcerer and the mastermind of a group of chosen individuals to fight supernatural threats known as Night Force. Winters’ exact background is unknown, except he has an unexplained connection to the early biblical figures Adam and Eve, Lilith and the serpent. His duties lie in the balancing between the forces of good and evil. He resides in Wintersgate Manor located on Washington DC.

DC Wikia Entry
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Baron Winters

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