Unknown Alter Ego


DEX: 9 STR: 11 BODY: 12 (14)
INT: 8 WILL: 11 MIND: 10
POWERS: Claws: 11
SKILLS: Charisma (Intimidation): 11, Military Science: 13, Occultist: 10
ADVANTAGES: Connections: Red Lantern Corps (High); Iron Nerves; Scholar (Military)
DRAWBACKS: Catastrophic Rage, Catastrophic Irrational Hatred ( Guardians of the Universe ), Exiled, Forced, Psychological Instability, Catastrophic (Revenge on the Guardians), Strange Appearance
Red Power Ring:
No Take away, Reliability Number: 0
Applicable Statistics: Body: 24, Else: 06 ; Int: 10
Powers: Broadcast Empath: 12, Comprehend Languages: 20, Flame Project: 16, Flight: 40, Force Manipulation: 24, Invulnerability: 18, Life sense: 40, Omni-Power: 12: WILL, Recall: 20, Regeneration: 04, Sealed Systems: 16, Shrinking: 09, Skin Armor: 04, Spirit travel: 50
Bonuses: The wearer’s BODY is 12 when the RING is worn. Flame Project burns without need of oxygen or combustible fuels.
Limitations: All Statistics and Powers fail if the ring is not recharged in Power Battery every 24 hours ; Life sense will only detect other GLs ; Skin Armor does not have to be activated at full APs ; Force Manipulation and Omni-Power both drop 1 AP per AP of Skin Armor on ; Shrinking is Always On ; Shrinking reduces STR and WEIGHT ; Force Manipulation is User Linked ; Omni Power is ½ User Linked ; BODY is User Linked and Mental Linked.
Broadcast Empath has a Range of Touch, only works if the target’s blood has been infected with the Red Lantern’s, only incites rage, and only where anger is already present.
Drawbacks: Catastrophic Rage, CIA (Violence), Gradual Power Loss: Mental conditions that make it difficult to accurately visualise force constructs drastically lower the efficiency of the ring. These include psychoactive drugs, neural scrambling, inner ear scrambling, some sonic attacks, etc. Any RAPs from such an effect means an immediate Gradual Power Loss of (RAPs+1) Columns on Force Manipulation, as long as these effects are active (Note: this Drawback is always active for Red Lanterns, preventing them maintaining constructs for too long)
OCCUPATION: Leader of the Red Lantern Corps


Atrocitus is the leader and founder of the Red Lantern Corps, an antagonist to Hal Jordan. His power ring is fueled by rage, as his entire family on Ryut was killed by the Guardians of the Universe’ malfunctioning Manhunter androids during the massacre of Space Sectors 666. This has led him to declare revenge on the Guardians, which he intends to accomplish through destroying the Green Lantern Corps. Atrocitus has a Fleet that he calls the Red Fleet.

2009: Travelling in Sector 666 of the Universe, Hal Jordan has discovered a man named Atrocitus who has built a Red Power Central Battery and has formed the Red Lantern Corps and who also had an army called the Red Fleet. Lord Atrocitus assembled a sufficient force, the Red Lanterns went to capture Sinestro, who was being transferred to Korugar for his execution. At the same time, the Yellow Lantern Corps launched an ambush on the Green Lantern Corps escort to rescue their leader, only to be in turn ambushed by the Red Lanterns. The battle between the three forces was very destructive and only served to help Sinestro’s escape.

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