Atomic Skull

Joseph Martin


DEX: 8 (3) STR: 12 (4) BODY: 9 (3)
INT: 3 WILL: 3 MIND: 2
POWERS: Energy Blast: 18
SKILLS: Vehicles: 4
ADVANTAGES: Lightning Reflexes; Scholar (movie serials)
DRAWBACKS: Catastrophic Irrational Attraction to old movie serials; Catastrophic Psychological Instability (believes himself to be movie serial hero); Catastrophic Rage; Strange Appearance; Loss Vulnerability: If a carbon rod is wrapped around his head for at least 3 APs of time, the Atomic Skull loses his Power and Strange Appearance Drawback, and his Attributes return to the value in parentheses until his Psychological Instability turns him back into the Atomic Skull (with time appropriate to healing a Catastrophic Power Burnout)
EQUIPMENT: Motorcycle [STR: 3, BODY: 5, Running: 7, R#: 2]
ALTER EGO: Joseph Martin
MOTIVATION: Psychopath
OCCUPATION: Student and aspiring film maker

The Atomic Skull powers have increased by 4 APs because he is accumulating a build up of the energy the years he has been lobotomized. The energy even extends to 5 APs of his body attacking everything and everyone on his path.


The Atomic Skull has radio-active powers, including enhanced super-human abilities and energy blast projection. He drooped from the criminal scene in 1998. There have been records of related incidents in 2002 and 2005 and in 2006 Superman battled the Atomic Skull in Metropolis and was able to subdue him and turn him back into his alter ego Joseph Martin.

The Doctors were able to convince Joseph Martin that he was better lobotomized and is currently on Arkham Asylum. His MTM was downgraded from D4 to D3.

2009: Joseph Martin turned into the Atomic Skull and killed an electrician working on Arkham Asylum named Jose Castrodad. He claimed the person was going to assassinate him by order of the Justice Lords. Jose Castrodad’s clothend equipment were found on an utility closet were he was working with the cable TV and his incinerated body was found on the backyard. He was capture by Batman, Power Girl and Booster Gold. His current MTM is D4 and he was transferred to Cadmus Project. This event is known as Out of Retirement.

Metahuman Treat Rating: D4

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