Lord Aquaman

King Orin of Atlantis (Arthur Curry)



CYBERNETIC LEFT HAND [BODY 08, EV 10, Omni-arm: 06, Limitation : Omni-arm is limited to simple shapes without moving parts (-1) like melee weapons, chains, cables or simple tools.] Some Samples of the Cybernetic Hand Omni-Arm power he has used are:

  • Battle Axe, Scimitar or Falchion [Claws: 6]
  • Chain [Str: 3, Snare: 2 (No AV)] Length of 0 APs
  • Club [EV: 4 (non-Lethal)]
  • Grappling Hook [Cling: 4, Projectile Weapon: 8, Snare: 8] Length of 2 Aps. Use Projectile Weapons (Power Linked to Snare) and Snare for ranged attacks.
  • Hook [Claw:4, Cling: 2] Bonuses: Cling can be used on opponents.
  • Spiked Ball and Chain [EV: 5] Length of 0 APs
  • Spiked Ball [EV:6]
  • Whip [EV: 1, Snare: 4 (No AV)] Length of 0 APs
    Atlantean Trident [BODY: 21, Claws: 8 (Mystic Linked), Water Control: 8 (Mystic Link)]

Is important to notice that as King of Atlantis, Aquaman has access to the Wealth of his kingdom.

Security Level: Beta
Justice Lords Equipment


King Orin (AKA Arthur Curry) is the ruler of Atlantis. He is also a member of the Justice Lords. See the events that are called Atlantis versus Themyscira for more details on the current status. He has become more rude and bossy but in the other side, he appears to approve of the changes made by the Justice Lords because the contamination of Earth-50's seas have diminished considerably.

Death Count:
[GM: Here I want to keep a list of important characters killed by the hero. If I forget some, please tell me.]
Doctor Mid-Nite
Captain Cold

DC HEROES RPG 3rd Edition p.160

Lord Aquaman

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