Amazing Grace

Multiple Alter Ego




Amazing Grace is a loyal agent of Darkseid on planet Apokolips, she pretends to preach opposition to Darkseid’s word and encourages them to revolt. When they do, they are easily defeated, crushing their revolt and their spirits. Grace is a master of mind manipulation, who uses those powers to subtly influence others.

2009: During the events known as Apokolips Invasion it was discovered that Graciela Soufflant was really a resourceful agent of Apokolips named Amazing Grace who used Lord Superman to get near the Justice Police and infiltrate the Justice Watchtower. This agent also disguised herself as Catherine Grant and as Lady Hawkwoman in at least one occasion.

  • General Subterfuge – Finds what heroes are going to be in each battle. Amazing Grace – She uses her spy and seductress skills to find information. And has gadgets devised by Desaad that help her disguise (Chameleon: 10) and give her bonuses to her Actress and Charisma skills ( + 4 APs..

Metahuman Treat Rating: D4

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Amazing Grace

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