Justice League: A Better World

The Nightmare land

The Nightmare Land
2009: Reports are made by the Watchmen that the people of the city of Coast City that there are rampage and chaos. People are crazy. All Justice Police send to the area are inside the effect and cannot be reached. The video feeds show them deep in fear, fighting invisible opponents or each other. They need to send a team with Martian Manhunter leading. Once inside the zone, they are inside the range of the weapon and the telephaty link keeps then together inside one shared nightmare. They have to fight their own monsters in the nightmare and the last of the monsters is the machine that is keeping the nightmare using a powerful Phobia effect. The character’s Drawbacks, like their fears or irrational attractions are turn into monsters. (the sum of the HP of the drawbacks as the APs like the Animate Image power.) The machine was destroyed, the villain escaped leaving only evidence that the technology used was the same as the one used to kidnap Captain Atom in The Amazing Land and that the event was a test of the machine.

Lord Aquaman
Lord Batman
Lord Flash
Lord Martian Manhunter
Lord Green Lantern
Lady Hawkwoman
Captain Atom



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