Justice League: A Better World

The Morning with Two Stars

The Morning with Two Stars
2009: Starman reappears in the Justice Police facility of Germany with what appears to be a controlling harness. He is destroying the Headquarter when confronted by Lord Green Lantern. This time the heroes are able to distract the powers of the harness enough to study its technology and to capture Starman without mind damage. They still need to place him under the care of Miss Martian to facilitate his recovery.

Lord Martian Manhunter was able to scan the mind of Starman and sense: “A fear so overwhelming that it feels like love.”

At the same time the Star Laboratories Facility located on Canada was attacked by an army of unknown with jet packs, blaster cannons and sensor scrambling suits. They came to destroy the evidence that the Justice Lords have recovered from crime scenes around the world and are studying to discover the source of the technology used to steal Black Adam and Major Force from Cadmus Project and later Captain Atom and Starman. The leaders of the attackers engaged Lady Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel in hand to hand combat. A fake Lady Hawkwoman tricked Lady Wonder Woman and the leader escaped not before destroying the facility and every captured or fallen soldiers.

Lord Green Lantern
Lord Martian Manhunter
Lord Flash
Lady Hawkwoman
Lady Wonder Woman
Lord Batman
The Atom
Captain Marvel



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