Justice League: A Better World

The Blackfire Rain

The Blackfire Rain
Blackfire Rain

1999: A series of attacks on the cities of Metropolis, Central City and Ethiopia. The attackers are high tech alien armored soldiers tampering with energy and communication sources in way so invasive that even the remote viewing of the security systems of the Justice Watchtower are affected. Their objective was to hijack a teleporter beam and enter the Justice Watchtower. They are able to do that almost killing The Atom in the process.

Queen Blackfire is tired of the Justice Lords opposing her and getting in the way of her revenge against Starfire she used resources from planet Tamaran and a mercenary space scientist from planet Gil’Dishpan named Zumur. She equips a group of fanatical Typical Tamaran Warrior with special designed High Tech Combat Armor that enhance their powers to battle the Justice Lords. These warriors are now known as the Tamarian Deathflames.

The objective is for Blackfire to be able to capture the Star Sapphire Gem and add the powers of the Star Saphire to her owns. The battle that ensures is strong enough that the Justice Watchtower security is compromised but the Justice Lords are able to capture must of the infiltrating team and recover the valuable and dangerous object.

During the battle Lord Green Lantern noticed that the artifact was behaving more sentient and with more powers that it was before and Lady Wonder Woman was even mentally attack by the artifact tried to convince her to use it.

Lord Martian Manhunter
Lady Wonder Woman
Lord Flash
Lord Green Lantern
Booster Gold
The Atom
Captain Marvel



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