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Four Horsemen of Apokolips

Four Horsemen of Apokolips
Four villains (two of them considered dead) equipped with the strange alien harness and mind controlled attack Earth-50 in Germany, Central Africa, China and Kansas. Lord Superman sends the Justice Lords to stop the menace. Lord Martian Manhunter will heal Captain Atom left catatonic by the same harnesses, then send him to battle Major Force. Lord Batman and The Atom will destroy The Parasite. Flash and Raven will delay Major Force. Lady Wonder Woman and Lord Green Lantern will delay Black Adam as Martian Manhunter is suppose to heal his mind and offer him a pardon.

Apokalips Harness of Control [Int: 20, Body: 20, Phobia: 20] Limitations: The harness intelligence attribute is used to keep the wearer in his mission and under the effect of the phobia. The harness will destroy itself and leave the wearer catatonic (Mind=0) if the harness is destroyed, removed or the mind control over the wearer is lost.

Note: Lord Martian Manhunter found out how to disable the control of the Phobia over the mind controlled warrior. A Mind Blast with a trick shot ( -3 CS) must be made against the Phobia. The RAPs made to the Phobia will diminish the Phobia but will only break the control when diminished to 0. The APs of OV/RV will be the Phobia APS/Phobia APS if the character is catatonic and Phobia APS/Character’s Mind if the character is still under the mind control.

(All Horsemen have + 4 CS to their use of powers.)

  • War Horsemen- Turns people into violent warriors under his command 10 AP’s range.
    Major Force " This is my chance to be the general of generals on the time of the final war who will end all wars! "
    PEGASUS WARMEDAL [Body: 10, Hypnosis: 20, R#: 2]
    Bonuses: Hypnosis has a range of 9APs.
    Limitations: Hypnosis only causes compulsions to follow war commands issue by the wearer. The device will destroy itself if removed from the horseman.
  • Pestilence Horsemen – Controls a hive of mutant insects.
    Black Adam " I’m making everyone pay for what they did to Egypt with the seven plagues, only this time there will be plagues without end! "
    DRAGONFLY RING [Body: 10, Animal Control: 20, R#: 2]
    Limitations: Animal Control only works on insects. The device will destroy itself if removed from the horseman.
    Mutant Insect [Dex: 4, Str: 03, Body: 1, Int: 0, Will: 0, Mind: 1, Infl: 0, Aura: 0, Spirit: 1, Init: 4. Powers: Invulnerability: 2, Full Vision: 3, Shrinking: 11, Systematic Antidote: 8.
    The swarm does a Team Attack at – 10CS, has an area of half the APs of the Animal Control power. To destroy the swarm a multi attack of + 10/ + 10 CS must be used to destroy all the individuals of the swarm.
  • Death Horsemen – Creates undead 10 AP’s of Range:
    Bizarro " Bizarro hates horses! "
    CHARGECROWN [Body: 10, Proyectile
    Weapons: 10, R#: 2] Bonuses: The device will extend the range of Melee attacks to a bubble
    Drawbacks: Catastropic Rage. The device will destroy itself if removed from the horseman.
  • Famine Horsemen. His power of drain has now a range of 10 Ap’s.
    The Parasite " I can feel unborn babies dying of weakness miles away… "
    NIGHTMARE BELT [Body: 10, Power Reserve: 20, R#: 2]
    Bonuses: Powers modified by Power Reserve have their range increased by 7APs.
    Limitations: The Power Reserve only works extending the range of effect on Power Drain and Vampirism. The device will destroy itself if removed from the horseman.

Lord Martian Manhunter
Lord Green Lantern
Lord Flash
Lord Batman
The Atom
Lady Wonder Woman
Lord Superman
Lord Aquaman
Captain Atom
Miss Martian

I. Am. The. New. God. All is one in Darkseid. This mighty body is my church. When I command your surrender, I speak with three billion voices. When I make a fist to crush your resistance. It is with three billion hands. When I stare into your eyes and shatter your dreams. And break your heart. It is with six billion eyes. Nothing like Darkseid has ever come among you; nothing will again. I will take you to a hell without exit or end. And there I will murder your souls! And make you crawl and beg! And die! Die! DIE FOR DARKSEID!

I Am The New God



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