Justice League: A Better World

Arcane Alliances

Triumvirate of War Part 6

Arcane Alliances
Triumvirate of War Part 6
Team A Military Defense
Award Hero Points: 75
Level of Opposition: Superior
Area of Consequence: Multiple Worlds
Severity: Non-Fatal
Adventure Date & Duration: January 21 of 2010. 24 Hours.

Standard Awards Categories:
A. Participation: 100%
B. Role-Playing: 100%
C. Saving Innocent Bystanders: N/A
D. Thwarting the Villain: N/A
E. Subplots: 100%
F. Miscelaneus: 100%

Adventure Synopsis:
The military team goes inside the secret underground Supernatural Community that has been in hiding for more than 10 years to find allies for the battle against New Warworld.

Critical Points:

  1. (Even Odds) – They go first to Xanadu and speak with Madame Xanadu. Jason Blood and John Constantine are there. Jason Blood has no other option than help them. But he has limits. He needs John Constantine’s help to be able to find everything and everyone they want. He will try to round up immortals to get their help or summon Phantom Stranger. Doctor Mist and Baron Winters at Wintersgate Manor. He goes on his mission.

Both Constantine, Blood and Xanadu explain that the supernatural community is son random and chaotic that each individual or small group has to be convinced on their own.

Zatanna is able to persuade John Constantine but he wants “insurance”: The Justice Lords will never hunt him. They will not use the information he will give them to hunt more supernaturals. They will do wherever he tells them during this mission. Zatanna asks Madame Xanadu to place a spell on Constantine that will link him to Zatanna and make her the responsible of Constantine actions. If someones reputation will suffer by helping the Justice Lords it will be Zatanna’s. Lady Hawkwoman negates the “The Justice Lords will never hunt him.” part and they go on with the mission. Jason Blood goes his own way leaving a small magical token in Zatanna’s hand to alert them when his part of the mission is completed, and the rest of the group guided by Constantine go across the street , enter an alley’s door, and they are at Oblivion Bar.

  1. (Even Odds) – The Justice Lords are disguised as normal humans at Oblivion Bar. There Constantine goes around for two hours finding connections. Captain Marvel speaks with Detective Chimp who deduces who they are and why they are here. Circe is also there making business with some hipster looking Medusa. Circe removes their disguises and the waitress, Elvira, tells them that one person has the ability to be so heroic that he will find and convince the wizards, witches and sorcerers to help. “ Is Nightmaster hero of Myrra, he is the knight in shining armor you need. “ She then presents them with a wall were Nightmaster’s Armor and Sword are hanging. “ He was killed by The Spectre during the events of Day of Judgement. He was one of the good guys, and he was killed that day because we didn’t have enough spellcasters to confront The Spectre. And that happens why, Darling? Now, you need us and we can’t – or won’t – help you. “ Other spellscasters and occultist answer with almost the same words: “ We are in hiding, there are less of us because of you. “ During all this time Superman was fighting the effects of Silver Kryptonite present at the bar and making him paranoid.
  1. (Even Odds) – Constantine takes the group to Myrra using a phone booth on the bar, to meet a group of Ogres, the call themselves the " Yustiz Leeg Fanz Klub ” who are pleased to see a puppet theater show made by the Justice Lords and open for them a portal to Wotan Prison located on Limbo.
  1. (Even Odds) – A meeting with two representatives of two different worlds is done in front of Wotan Prison located on Limbo. Amethyst of Gemworld explains that Dark Opal and Mordru (Stats) are winning the war.
    Lord Superman, Lord Green Lantern and Lady Hawkwoman offer Amethyst and her freedom fighters asylum if they need to escape Gemworld.

Raven explains that someting called the Nightshadows is invading Azarath from the Land of the Nightshades and that her evil father Trigon has allied with them. If she goes to Azarath she can find out more information for the Justice Lords but she can also be capture or killed. Lady Hawkwoman orders Raven back to Earth as she and her teleport power are assets against the Triunvirate of War of New Warworld.

Klarion the Witch Boy appears from nowhere and proposes the Justice Lords that he be hired to help them if they help him return to Earth.

  1. (Even Odds) – The clock is ticking (or the sand is running) and the group runs to Washington to Wintersgate Manor and find Jason Blood in this place that is out of time. There Baron Winters introduces them to Doctor Mist and a long discussion about how to include the Supernatural Community in the New World Order follows. Justice Lords offer a sovereign country, United Nations’ representation and a supernatural Justice Lord. Doctor Mist answers the other way around, A Justice Lord, a Uinted Nation’s seat and a sovereign country.

A spell placed on Constantine’s hand by Madame Xanadu makes him reveal to the Justice Lords the secret about [{The Hidden City]] of the Homo Magi. Doctor Mist as his founder and Zatanna as the current Medulla Jewel, a roll she has been made to forget after she joined the Justice Reserve. Mist tells the Justice Lords: " If you want to force us to join, make The Hidden City appear against our will, kill the Medulla Jewel. Kill Zatanna.

  1. (Even Odds) – Following a lead in the form of a business card that the young (and unknown) bartender of Oblivion Bar gave to the group, they arrive magically to Barter Pawn Shop when they find out that there is a man named barter who has for centuries been doing supernatural trades. He has a book that Klarion the Witch Boy needs to return to Earth and a large collection of weird and strange objects. He is interested in trading some off the objects the Justice Lords have confiscated over the years.

Of the three “candidates” Klarion the Witch Boy , Circe
and Etrigan, the group hires Circe. Under a lot of conditions to monitor her, the Sorcerer and Zatanna will join forces to prepare Zatanna to the battle against New Warworld and learn how to use some of the items that the Justice Lords have confiscated.
The following magic items could be activated with Circe’s help:
Crystal Ball
Herne-Ramsgate Cauldron

And also Circe will let Zatanna study from the Felix Fausts Occult Library before the battle.

“Together we will have a better chance for all of us tu survive.”

Team of Heroes:
(Heroes who gained additional HP are marked here)
Hawkwoman(Team sub-leader)
Green Lantern
Big Barda
Captain Marvel

See Critical Points.

Supporting Cast:
To difficult to keep track of. See Critical Points.

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