Justice League: A Better World

Apokolips Invasion

Marioton 118

Apokolips Invasion
Warworld Team A: Military Defense
(+ 35HP to 3 characters in a special mission)
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At the end of 2009 and immediately after the event known as Four Horsemen of Apokolips, the Apololips Invasion began. The Four mind controlled villains from that event were only the to a more bigger and terrifying army.

While the invasion forces of Para Demons and Arakno-Mekkanoid were taking the planet Earth, a small team of heroes infiltrated Apokolips and rescued Lord Superman from Granny Goodness and the Female Furies. These were Lord Martian Manhunter, Lord Green Lantern and Big Barda.

The rest of the heroes Justice Lords, Justice Reserve and Justice Police tried to slow the oncoming troops destroying Apokolips Doom Towers one after one while they were raining from the sky.

Lord Green Lantern returned with Lord Batman and The Atom to Apokolips to destroy the Boom Tube generator machine that was under the control of Desaad and blew the main energy grid with a series of bombs and sabotage points.

It was discovered that Amazing Grace was disguising herself as a member of the Justice Police to infiltrate the Justice Watchtower and allow the arrival of her master. She used Graciela Soufflant’s false identity as a cover.

After that bold maneuver, the Justice Lords tried to concentrate all their forces into containment of the troops of Para Demons remaining on planet Earth when Darkseid generated his own Boom Tube and came to finish all up: “You have only delayed the inevitable. My machine can be fixed, your doom cannot be avoided.”

The heroes tried to diminish the forces, attack him directly, avoid his Omega Beams (taking damage in the process) and seen how each offensive and defensive maneuver only gave Darkseid time to relocated troops and continue his attempt. He even claimed “leave now or die now is only the difference between letting me take Africa or letting me take the world”.

Eventually the only offensive the Justice Lords could take was the hardest one: Nuke Chad to destroy half the armies of Apokolips or lose the world. It was thousands of lives to save billion of lives. The nuke drop. After the dust settle only Darkseid was standing. He told the Justice Lords: "The other Earth was less eager to use such a dangerous weapon against me. You are different. Still, is only a matter of time.” Darkseid left and took the remaining troops with him.


  • General Subterfuge – Finds what heroes are going to be in each battle. Amazing Grace – She uses her spy and seductress skills to find information. (Detective:20)
  • General Inventive. Creates gadgets to counterattack specific heroe’s powers. Desaad – Modifies the powers of the heralds (the four horsemen) and gadgets that are built specifically against one of the heroes at a time. (Neutralize: 20)
  • General Devotion – Converts a prisoner into a devoted follower of Darkseid. Granny Goodness – Converts indoctrinates prisoners into minions of Apololips. (Phobia (against failing Darkseid): 20)
  • General Strength – Kalibak – General, gives + 4 Column Shifts to his troops instead of + 2 CS like the other three generals.

First team of Heroes: HP=124
Lord Martian Manhunter
Lord Green Lantern
Big Barda

Second team of Heroes: HP=90
Lord Batman
Lady Wonder Woman
The Atom
Booster Gold

Lord Aquaman
Lord Superman
Justice Police
Typical Amazonian Soldier



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